Campaign Regulation – BCD

Current recordkeeping systems are outdated and vulnerable

bcdemocracy provides a trustworthy, modernized database

bcd's modernized recordkeeping system changes how government works

Welcome to the world of better data

the bcd difference

Legacy systems (centralized databases) collect information from dozens to thousands of sources. This creates delays, bottlenecks, inconsistencies, and issues with limited access to information.

bcd’s systems (distributed databases) collect information in real time and get to work in real time.

bcd’s data tools use blockchain and artificial intelligence to help government agencies spot problems, verify details, and share information. This saves agencies time and money, and helps them to better serve society.

bcd's regulatory compliance data tools

When a transaction is recorded on the blockchain, it is run through a Compliance Rules Engine. This series of algorithms checks to ensure the contribution or expense is within the rules. For example, if a contribution puts a contributor over the aggregate legal limit, the record is flagged.

Once a transaction is recorded on the bcd blockchain, an audit trail is created. This makes it impossible to alter information without leaving a trail and eliminates the risk of data being overwritten.

bcd equips campaign regulators with similar anti-fraud tools as those used in the financial services industry

Customizable permissions allow network administrators to determine what data is accessible to others on the network. This ensures that records are only visible to relevant parties.

bcd offers digital transaction verifications, eliminating paper-based, manual audit procedures

Customized features can include digitally signed agreements, signature verification, and identity verification

If your agency is thrilled with its current software and user interfaces, you can still benefit from the efficiencies of bcd blockchain. Our blockchain infrastructure is built to work with your current systems.

With its fault tolerant features, the bcd blockchain network is a safer way to store, secure, and share government data

A secure, vigilant, and resilient database solution

Distributed Architecture

Distributed Architecture

Protects data from hackers and system outages
Consensus Algorithms

Consensus Algorithms

Computers work together to verify transactions and can lockdown any computer that behaves suspiciously
Cryptographically Secure

Cryptographically Secure

Uses Secure Hash Algorithm 256 (SHA-256)
Private Permissioned Network

Private Permissioned Network

Users must be invited to use the bcd blockchain
Immutable Data

Immutable Data

Transactions recorded on bcd blockchain are tamper-proof and traceable, providing further data protection

Today's recordkeeping systems make following the money in government and politics nearly impossible

The current system

Regulators collect inconsistent and delayed data from campaigns and PACs, making it difficult to secure information, fight corruption, and provide transparency

Transaction data is stored in campaign and PAC's systems for months before being filed with the government

Records can be edited at anytime, and its nearly impossible to trace

The future with bcdemocracy

bcd optimizes how data flows throughout the campaign finance system, ensuring that information is safe, standardized, and auditable