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Recordkeeping, Reimagined

bcdemocracy (bcd) provides a simple and secure database solution for government agencies, political campaigns, and organizations

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What is bcd technology?

bcd technology is a blockchain-based system for recording, storing, and sharing data

bcd uses a secure and scalable recordkeeping system that gives government agencies the power and flexibility to do more

Why bcd?

Current recordkeeping systems are outdated and vulnerable
bcdemocracy provides a trustworthy, modernized database solution

bcd benefits


Government systems are under attack

bcd is a secure, vigilant, and resilient database solution

Fault tolerant and cryptographically secure

Fault tolerant and cryptographically secure

Blockchain is the safest way to store, secure, and share government data

Distributed System
With no single point of failure, bcd blockchain protects data from hackers and system outages
Consensus Algorithms
Computers on the bcd network work together to verify network activity and can lockdown any node that behaves suspiciously
Private Permissioned Network
Users must be invited to use the bcd blockchain
Cryptographically Secure
Uses Secure Hash Algorithm 256 (SHA-256), developed by the NSA
Immutable Data
Transactions recorded on the bcd blockchain are tamper-proof and traceable, providing further data protection

Transparency & Fighting Fraud

Political engagement is at an all-time high

bcd’s modern compliance tools help regulators meet the challenge

Digital data
Enhanced regulatory capabilities through digital filings
Instant Audit Trails
Tamper-proof record of campaign transaction activities
Compliance Rules Engine
Notifications if transactions aren’t compliant
Anti-fraud Algorithms
Screen transaction to detect corruption and abuse
Transaction Verification
Connects to financial accounts and payment systems
Enables government agencies to communicate instantly
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bcd's efficiencies

bcd's efficiencies can save employee time and taxpayer dollars

eliminate tedious tasks and paper-based processes

eliminate tedious tasks and paper-based processes

(for campaigns, this means no more making a copy of every check that comes in the mail)

let's reimagine how compliance works

(and what it could mean for your organization)

Implementation & Integration

Learn how bcdemocracy will work with you

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